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  • Guidelines on flux calculation gold smelting

    Could probably add more sand or, more effective, would be to add a couple of grams of Borax. Borax produces a thinner, more liquid melt. If borax is used you should be aware that it attacks the clay crucible so don''t use so much that you get a hole in it.

  • Metallurgical Uses – Fluxes for Metallurgy

     · For example, the slag composition and behavior will change as materials descend in the iron blast furnace, or as they melt in the early stages of formation of steel- making slags. Selection of the chemistry for a slag might be influenced by factors outside the primary function as when blast furnace slags are used to make cement, rock wool insulation, or fertilizer supplements.

  • SALT II SYMPOSIA 24-25 JULY 1986

    Fluorspar- like Borax increases the fluidity of almost any slag. How it does this is somewhat of a mystery, since its melting point of 1380oC is above that normally intended for precious metal smelting. Most authorities state that it is inert and

  • Application Of Barite In Paint Industry

     · Barite fillers for rubber and papermaking generally require BaSO4 greater than 98%, CaO less than 0.36%, and no magnesium oxide, lead, etc. are allowed. (1) Lacquer and high-build paint: Barite powder has high filling properties and can be used in all coating series, such as primers, high-build paints and other types.

  • Influence of Al2O3 Content on the Melting and Fluidity of …

     · D. Sichen, in Fundamentals of Metallurgy, 20059.5.1 Slag–metal mixing In steelmaking, slag–metal mixing is a very common phenomenon and it occurs due to the shear at the slag–metal interface caused by excessive liquid steel flow. 37 This mixing leads to emulsification of steel in slag, which increases the total interfacial area and consequently the rate of slag–metal reactions.

  • slag powder in concrete

    Barite powder grinding process Introduction … Properties of Concrete with Blast-Furnace Slag chemical composition of the cement is adjusted with gypsum and limestone powder, and reported on the physical properties of the concrete (Miyazawa, ). Live Chat ...

  • Use Of Steel Slag Grinding Products

     · Use of steel slag grinding products. 1. Replace clinker for cement production. Steel slag as a cement mixture has been listed in the national standard. After grinding, steel slag powder can be used as an excellent cement mixture, partially replacing clinker to reduce cement production costs, and steel slag cement has a late stage compared with ...

  • 152 questions with answers in SLAG | Science topic

     · 1 answer. Jan 13, 2018. In converting process of copper matte to blogger copper, after slag blow slag is skimmed and is transferred to a slag cleaning Furnace for settling of copper matte which ...

  • U.S. Borax | Refined Boron: Essential. Every day. Everywhere. | U.S. …

    BeneŒts in slag • Dehybor offers a low melting point (750 C) • Sodium oxide levels help reduce viscosity of the slag • Fine glassy particles enables rapid melting • More complete mixing of borate • No risk of explosion (virtually no steam generation) due to water

  • Flux in welding operation

     · Flux in cast iron In cast iron, flux is required. Flux fusible increases the fluidity of iron-silicate slag, as well as being helpful in removing slag. Usually made of flux, borates or boric acid, soda ash and other compounds such as sodium chloride, etc., for gray iron rods.

  • How to Choose Gold Smelting Flux

    The oxidized impurities (aided by Borax) will float up as slag and get collected. Therefore, the efficiency of the smelting process is highly increased and there is improved separation. The advantage of this is that a purer ingot will be gotten. Also, there is reduced

  • Effect of chemical admixtures on the properties of …

     · The fluidity of the grouts reaches the maximum (345 mm) and 1-, 3-, and 28-day compressive strength are, respectively, 42.1, 57.2, and 80.1 MPa as the amount of borax is up to 1.6 g. The incorporation of borax and sodium tripolyphosphate can greatly improve the properties of the grouts with high-volume mineral admixtures.

  • The boronizing of parts from iron-base powders in …

    1. It has been established that, under both laboratory and industrial conditions, parts from iron-base powders can be successfully sintered in a protective medium consisting of molten AN-ShT1 and AN-ShT2 synthetic slags, whose high fluidity enables treated parts to be quenched direct from a slag bath. 2. The feasibility has been demonstrated in principle of combining the operations of ...

  • Material Density (Berat Jenis Material) in kg/cubic metre …

     · Material - powder, ore, solids, etc. kg/cu.m. Alfalfa, ground 256 Alum, lumpy 881 Alum, pulverized 753 Alumina 961 Aluminum, oxide 1522 Ammonia gas 0.77 Ammonium Nitrate 730 Ammonium Sulphate - dry 1130 Ammonium Sulphate - wet 1290 Andesite, solid ...

  • Recovery of Boron from the Waste Slag of Steel Factor ies by using Selective Ion Exchange Resin

    Recovery of Boron from the Waste Slag of Steel Factories by using Selective Ion Exchange Resin Prof. Saeyda Abou El- Enein Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Minoufia Univeristy, Shabin El-Kom, Egypt. Dr. Galal Abd El Wahab Nuclear Materials

  • Extraction of nickel and cobalt from nickeliferous limonitic …

     · Basically the addition of borates lowers the melting point of the slag and maintains fluidity. However, borates and high borate compounds that melt at lower temperatures are polymeric in nature and have high viscosity.

  • nonferrous metal

    (2) The molten metal or metal oxide has strong fluidity and penetrability (3) The slag and molten metal are highly aggressive (4) The temperature inside the furnace changes greatly Non-ferrous metal smelting requirements for refractory materials are mainly

  • Stowage factors

    BARITE = BARYTES 15-25 16-21 BARLEY 53-56 58-60 BASIC SLAG 27-29 30-32 BAUIXTE 27-32 BEANS 50-55 55-60 BEET PULP 56 BENTONITE 40 BLENDE 19 BONES MEAL 80 BORAX -ANHYDROUS BORAX 27-29 27-29 22-23

  • Volume 28: 1–8 Effect of chemical admixtures ª The Author(s) 2019 …

    When 0.4 wt% borax and 0.2 wt% sodium tripolyphosphate were added to the grouts with volume mineral admixtures, initial fluidity and 30-min fluidity are 340 mm, and 1-, 3-, and 28-day com- pressive strength are, respectively, 41.6, 57.1, and 81.5 MPa.

  • (PDF) Stowage Factor | Kim Jin

    70-75 BALL STONE 27 34 BARITE = BARYTES 15-25 16-21 BARLEY 53-56 58-60 BASIC SLAG 27-29 30-32 19 BONES MEAL 80 BORAX - ANHYDROUS BORAX 27-29 ...

  • Borax, anhydrous | VWR

    Borax, anhydrous. di-Sodium tetraborate. Anhydrous Borax is used in almost all Fire Assay fluxes. It lowers the fusion temperature and aids in the formulation of slag. Contributes to the fluidity of the slag which helps the pour. Caution: Hydrated borax should be avoided as it …

  • Silico Manganese Manufacturing Process and its …

     · Silico manganese is smelted with dolomite or calcite to increase the slag fluidity and at the same time also help reducing manganese oxide content from the slag. The slag on the other hand ranges between 1573 K and 1653 K as per its composition.

  • Properties of boron-rich slag separated from boron …

     · In the present paper, the fundamental research on the properties of boron-rich slag melting separated from boron-bearing iron concentrate was performed. The melting and fluidity of B 2 O 3-MgO-SiO 2-FeO slag system, crystallization of separated boron-rich slag and factors on the extraction efficiency of boron-rich slag were systematically investigated.

  • dust collector for barite, bentonite and cement

     · DMI Cement – Super Sack Cement – Fly Ash – Kiln Dust – Slag Cement …Diversified Minerals, Inc. is a California supplier of cement, fly ash, cement kiln dust, bentonite clay and absorbents. … conveyors, blowers, dust collectors. .»More detailed

  • Dura-Pleat Standard

    Barite Barium carbonate Barium oxide Barium stearate Barium sulfate Barley meal, hammer mill Bauxite (crushed-76.2mm), Dry Bauxite (dry ground), Dry Bauxite, Dry Bentonite, Dry Black ash (ground) Blast furnace slag Blood meal Board MFG - Hogs

  • Borates in Metallurgy | AMERICAN BORATE COMPANY

    Borax is also a good flux for ''pre-tinning'' tungsten with zinc, which makes the tungsten soft-solderable. Sometimes a simple combination of borate compounds provides an effective flux formulation. In this case a high temperature brazing powder flux is required and the only two additives are Boric acid (70 – 90%) and Borax 10 Mol (10 – 30%).

  • When forging, sprinkling the borax allows the formation of a protective film that spreads on the surface, will absorb slag and avoid the formation of oxides. This remarkable property, poorly explained at the time, contributed to give a mysterious dimension to the blacksmith''s know-how.

  • How to Choose Gold Smelting Flux

     · There is less fluidity and it becomes very difficult to separate the slag from the pure molten precious metal body. Impurities in Gold for ingot casting: Without metal oxide capturing flux, metal ...

  • Solids and Metals

    Barite 4.5 Barium 3.62 Barium sulfate 4.5 Basalt, broken 1.95 Basalt solid 3.0 Beeswax 0.95 Bentonite 2.4 Beryllium 1.848 Bismuth 9.79 Borax min. 1.7 Borax min. 1.8 Boron 2.32 Brass, cast rolled 8.4 - 8.7 Brick, common red 1.75 Brick, fire clay (firebrick) 2.4

  • Properties of boron-rich slag separated from boron-bearing iron …

    Abstract: In the present paper, the fundamental research on the properties of boron-rich slag melting separated from boron-bearing iron concentrate was performed. The melting and fluidity of B2O3–MgO–SiO2–FeO slag system, crystallization of separated boron


    • The site was discovered by the MTA (Mineral Research and Exploration General Directorate) in 1959. • In 1990, it was transferred to Eti Maden. A total of 12.900 meters of drilling was performed at 72 locations during the thorium exploration process between the

  • Properties of magnesium phosphate cement containing …

     · Fluidity of MAPC paste was increased for the 10% steel slag incorporation but slightly decreased for mortar mixtures containing 20% and 30% steel slag powder. For the G2, increase in percentage of SSP had a positive effect on the fluidity of MPC pastes.

  • Fluorite (also known as Fluorspar)

    Fluorspar, the name used for fluorite when it is sold as a bulk material or in processed form, is sold in three different grades (acid, ceramic, and metallurgical). Acid grade fluorspar is a high-purity material used by the chemical industry. It contains over 97% CaF 2. Most of the fluorspar consumed in the United States is acid grade even if ...

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