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  • Different types of stirrer | types of agitator

     · Which type of agitator used in glass lined reactor ? You can use anchor type of agitator for reactor (Glass lined ), also you can use paddle type of stirrer for reactor (Glass lined reactor ). 31.0 Process flow diagram for chemical engineer

  • Industrial agitator

    Depending on the type of phase and viscosity of the bulk, the agitator can be named mixer, kneader, dough mixer, amongst others. The agitators use in liquids can be placed on the top of the tank on vertical position, or horizontally (on the side of the tank) or less common, agitator is located on …

  • Types of Reactors

     · Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (C.S.T.R) Plug Flow Reactor (P.F.R) Semi-Batch Reactor. 1. Batch Reactor. A batch reactor is a closed vessel in which reactions happen and it is a non-continuous type of reactor. The reactants are fed in to the reactor all at once initially. The vessel contains an agitator. The purpose of the agitator is to mix ...

  • Stirred Tank Bioreactors

    * An agitator system * An oxygen delivery system *A foam control system * A temperature control system * A pH control system * Sampling ports * A cleaning and sterilization system. * A sump and dump line for emptying of the reactor 19

  • Types of Agitator

     · There are two main applications of agitator, one is homogenous mixing and second is heat transferring. Example when you have to do crystallization mostly anchor type agitator used in chemical industry . types of agitator for reactor Viscosity of material You

  • Design and Implementation of Differential Agitators to Maximize …

     · International Journal of Mechanics and Applications 2012, 2(6): 98-112 DOI: 10.5923/j.mechanics.20120206.01 Design and Implementation of Differential Agitators to Maximize Agitating Performance Saeed Asiri King Abdulaziz University, 21589, Jeddah, P. O

  • Agitator Seal

    Agitator / Reactor Seal. Agitator / reactor seal is engineered under the firm direction of experienced quality controllers. These are available in various range and technical specifications as per the precise demands and requirements. The entire range is engineered using best available techniques and following international industrial standard.

  • Agitators & Reactors, Turbine Agitators, Paddle Agitators

    Our technologically developed Paddle Agitators are domineeringly used in reactor applications for precisely mixing, blending, suspending and dispersing applications. The agitators are rigidly and cautiously developed from best grade stainless steel, hastelloy and nickel with adjustable paddle and sweep diameters.

  • Agitator / Reactor Mechanical Seal

    Double Agitator/Reactor Mechanical Seals (Type RT-83/83B) Balance Pusher Seals. Dry Run Seals are excellent in High Speed Seals for Operation in Vacuum Conditions. Without Bearing OR with Integral Bearing. Multiple Spring externally Mounted Seal with ...

  • What are Agitators? Selection and Types of Agitators | …

    An agitator is a mechanical device that helps in shaking or stirring a liquid or mixture of liquids. Agitators are widely used for multiple operations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, grease, metal extraction, paint, adhesive, water, and cosmetic industries.

  • Reactor agitators EKATO-HWL-N | EKATO

    The reactor agitators type HWL-N are the most powerful agitators compared to the others in EKATO''s product range. Large sized agitators with a drive power of up to 4,000 kW, shaft lengths of more than 15 m, as well as 500 mm shaft diameters, have already been ...

  • Agitator Speed

    An anchor-type agitator with a baffled reactor ensures good dispersion. No change in the droplet/particlesize distribution between 5% and vinyl chloride monomer conversion has been reported. 58 The factors involving the design and operation of reactors for ...

  • Cleaner Production by Using Recent Type of Reactor in Chemical Reactions

    3. Gas Induction type Reactor Gas itself creates the axial currents. Hence for the gas – liquid reaction system suitable agitator is that which creates the current in tangential and radial directions. Gas induction type hollow agitator is new 3.1

  • Design and Analysis of Agitator Blade of Pressure Vessel for Variable Loads …

    size and type of Agitator may also change. The nature of fluid was same which was handled by former type of agitator but with only 5 KL of capacity. With an increment in capacity from 5 KL to 15 KL, there is a need to work out again on the design of reactor and

  • Agitator Power Requirement

    Agitator Power requirement for a given geometry and mixture Scale of Agitation 1 is quite mild, 3 is normal, 6 is vigorous and 10 is violent. Scale of 1 to 2 Characteristic of application requiring minimum fluid velocities to produce a flat but moving fluid batch surface.

  • types of agitators in reactor

    The reactor agitators type HWL-N are the most powerful agitators compared to the others in EKATO''s product range. Large sized agitators with a drive power of up to 3,500 kW, shaft lengths of more than 15 m, as well as 500 mm shaft diameters, have already been supplied.

  • Types of Agitators, Agitator''s Design and Significance

     · Propeller agitators are popular for simple mixing jobs. Turbine Agitators : Yet another type of process agitator is the turbine agitator. Turbine agitators can create a turbulent movement of the fluids due to the combination of centrifugal and rotational motion.


    Maine type of close clearance agitators No. Layout of agitator Name T/d Geometrical parameters 1 Anchor (paddle) agitator CVS 69 1014 1,11 h v / d 0,8 h/ d 0,12 H 2 / d 0,055 2 Helical-screw agitator with draught tube CVS 69 1028 2 h v / d 1,5 s/ d 1

  • types of agitators in reactors list

    Reactor Agitator With Filter Experience Specifications of chemical mixing tank 1. steam heating type / how water heating type / can be cooled by tap water 2. stainless steel jacket 3. made of 3 layer with temperature insulation 4.

  • Types of Reactors in Industries (Pharma, chemical, …

     · A batch reactor is the simplest type of reactor that consists of agitator and had a provision to apply utilities to heat ot cool the reaction mass. This is a closed system in which there is no flow of material entering or exiting the system. In the batch reactor, raw materials are charged into the reactor and allow to get agitation.

  • Redesign and Structural analysis of agitator shaft for reactor …

    Agitator shaft is important component of agitation system used in reactor pressure vessel. Failure of agitator shaft leads to breakdown of whole plant. The existing agitator undergoes deflection; not suitable for uniform mixing of fluid, also time required for agitation

  • Reactors

     · The selection chart given in Figure 6 can be used to make a preliminary selection of the agitator type, based on the liquid viscosity and tank volume (Towler and Sinnott, 2013). Figure 5. Low-speed agitators (Towler and Sinnott, 2013) Figure 6. Agitator selection

  • Types of Agitators in Reactor

     · The agitator is a device which contains a shaft and an impeller/propeller. The shaft is connected to the gear box and the assembly is driven by motors using electricity. The purpose of agitators can be for mixing liquids, solids, slurries, pastes, mixing liquids and gases, mixing solids and gases, promote chemical reactions, promote heat transfer, etc.

  • Agitator design and selection

     · Agitator design and selection. 1. Agitator Design and Selection Standard Engineers [email protected] . 2. Food for Thought You wanted to STIR THINGS UP But, your MIXING gave only ''AGITATION''. There''s many a slip between the Plant and the Lab. The Mixing arena is the Boxing ring where Chemist and Chemical Engineer fight In the work ...

  • Types of Reactors

     · Types of Agitators Paddle Agitators Anchor Agitators Radial Propeller Agitators Propeller Agitators Turbine Agitators Helical Agitators. 5. (1) Paddle Agitators: This is one of the most primary types of agitators with blades that reach up to the tank walls.

  • Types of Agitators – Design and Usage

     · Side Entry Mixer, heat exchangers, high speed dispersers,Hydraulic High speed disperser reactor pressure vessels and Agitator Stirrer in India. anchor type Agitators Anchor Agitators: Anchor Agitators consists of a shaft and an anchored propeller that can be mounted centrally or at an angle.

  • Jacketed Vessels

    Preparation Vessels, Reactor & Tank : Function of Jacketed mixing Vessel to combine the manufactured goods and keep the temperature steady. Jacketed mixing Vessel would be designed by cGMP standard (Built as per Good Engineering Practice and to comply) …

  • Agitators & Reactors, Turbine Agitators, Paddle Agitators

    Types of Agitators, Agitators Design and Usages for Mixing

  • Process Data Sheet – Agitated Reactor

     · Agitator types and their Utility As we discussed agitator role is to provide turbulency inside the agitated reactor. Therefore, type of agitator selection depends on process requirement and viscosity of the fluid. Apart from this presence of suspended solid catalyst

  • 21.1 Different types of Reactor used in Chemical industry

     · Different types of reactor used in Chemical industry As an Chemical Engineer it is very important to have knowledge of different types of rector used in chemical industry with its applications and basic principle. light water reactors are those reactors this is used to


    agitator shaft provides for time saving in-stallation or removal of a mechanical seal to DIN without removing the gear box. The agitator remains in the reactor and is sup-ported at the agitator flange by a special fixture. All parts are easily accessible, and tools for

  • Types of Agitators, Agitators Design and Usages for Mixing …

    Type of agitators used in reactors Abster Equipment is a manufacturers and suppliers Types of Agitators, Stirrer. These mixers are manufactured with the highest quality materials. The Agitator Stirrer is basically designed to agitate and mix several types of viscose liquids.

  • Chemical Reactor

    Mixer Type. Agitators. We have been supplying high-quality Industrial Agitator and Chemical Agitator and equipment to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, beverages, chemical and petrochemical industries. We have excellent facilities for Vessels design by latest software and welding facilities and skilled workforce to fabricate quality equipment.


    AGITATOR SELECTION AND SCALE UP AGITATOR SELECTION • Depends on the viscosity of the liquid • For specific time of mixing, the best mixer is the one that mixes in the required time with the smallest amount of power SCALE UP geometric similarity 3

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    type of reactor agitator All type of reactor agitator wholesalers & type of reactor agitator manufacturers come from members. We doesn''t provide type of reactor agitator products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully.

  • Jacketed Vessel

    A jacketed vessel will facilitate the above. Jacketed reactor has a jacket surrounding the main vessel. During reaction, temperature of reactants is controlled by circulating heating or cooling media through the jacket. Ideally suitable for the heating below 150 Centigrade (302 Fahrenheit). Commonly used heat transfer media include water, steam ...

  • Types of Agitators

     · Types of Agitators:- Paddle Agitators It is one of the most basic types of agitator. It contains blades which are paddle shaped; the blades stretch throughout the vessel and reach the walls of the vessel. They are primarily used in applications where a uniform laminar flow of the liquids and little shearing is desired.

  • Information for Agitator / Mixer

    Type of Agitator: Generally agitator is mounted vertically at the top of the tank. This is the normal practice for mounting an agitator in small and medium size tanks. Agitator can also mounted horizontally from side of a tank, called side entering agitator, for very large diameter storage tanks.

  • Mechanical Agitator Power Requirements for Liquid Batches

    D = agitator cross sectional diameter measured tip to tip, ft. N = agitator speed, revolutions per hour. Figure 4 is a typical power correlation curve for agitated liquid batches. Both of the axes are defined in logarithmic scale. The x-axis is the Reynolds number as ...

  • Reactor & Impeller Design in Hydrogenation

     · Results of hydrogenated soybean oil in this reactor type were published by Wiese, M., and Delaney, B.,m "Plants using new hydrogenation agitator design", Ibid. 3:817 (1992). (vi) Biazzi - info from website Main features of the Biazzi hydrogenating system: The hydrogenation reaction is characterized by being highly exothermic and highly mass transfer resistant.

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